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What’s with the name?

Why are we called ‘A Random Day In May’? It’s because that’s when you need this end-of-life information (or you wish you had it) – on some random day.

Everything in your life is normal. Maybe you have some idea that one day you (or a loved one) will die – but it’s only a vague, far off notion. It (hopefully) won’t happen for decades.

Everything is totally normal… Until it’s not.

Until… a random day A medical emergency, a car accident. Something happens on some random day (maybe in May, maybe in August, who knows?), that totally changes everything.

In my perfect world, I’ll help people consider important end-of-life matters before that random day. Ahead of when it’s needed.

Our Beliefs

End-of-life planning can be complex and emotional. We aim to make it more approachable. The core beliefs that help us are:

Planning shows you care
Don’t make your people figure things out and learn about all the options for the first time, at the worst possible time
Don’t make your people guess what you would have wanted – tell them

Normalize End-of-life conversations. Before they are necessary
Considering your death clarifies what’s important in your life
The best time to make important decisions and have difficult conversations is before they are necessary

It’s harder knowing you have to make a plan (and putting if off) than it is actually doing it
You should decide what happens – not legal defaults
You’re in the best position to know what’s best for you
Understand your options and make your own choices

Start somewhere. Do something
A complete & comprehensive plan is the goal, but something is better than nothing
You don’t have to figure it all out at once

Core Values

Frank & Honest
Talking about death can be awkward and uncomfortable – we get it. Even so, we want to be open, honest, and direct

Pragmatic & Realistic
You won’t jinx it – planning for your (eventual) death will NOT bring it about sooner
Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away – it just ensures your people will have to figure it all out at the worst time

Autonomy / Agency
You know what’s best for you. We help you understand and make those choices

Useful & Actionable
Where to start. What to consider. What to do
We want to make your life, and your end-of-life planning process, easier and simpler