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We help minimize, navigate and manage death’s red tape. It’s end-of-life planning for those who plan on never dying.

Our aim is to normalize conversations about end-of-life and estate planning for adults of all ages and incomes.

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The 6 areas of end-of-life planning

Many people think of estate or end-of-life planning as sitting with a lawyer and writing a will, but that’s one small part of it

The good news? Many tasks will benefit you in life as well as helping your people after your death. We focus on 6 categories of end-of-life planning.


This is what most people think of when they think of end-of-life planning: completing a will and an advance care directive. Depending on your circumstances, a living trust or a pet trust as well

Doing the paperwork, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s to make sure it’s all legally binding


Not every estate planning task has to feel like estate planning. Everything you bring into your home will one day have to be removed by someone

Decluttering your real (or virtual) life will help you in life and your people after your death


Document your stuff: services you subscribe to, where your accounts are, your passwords, the names of your insurance agent and attorney, and the countless other things you ‘just know’ about your life that others won’t


About a million decisions need to be made near, at, or after a death: buried or cremated? Should the organs be donated? Who gets the art collection?

You are in the best position to know your answers to those questions

After you’ve made your decisions, the answers should be documented in your will, advanced care directive or other document


After you’ve made your decisions, they should not only be documented but also discussed with the people impacted by them so they understand what you want

Health care matters should be discussed with your health care agent; who gets what with the people involved. Surprises in the will make for great TV drama, but they aren’t so great in real life

Digital Life

These tasks are mostly document and declutter tasks, but given how digital our lives are, it deserves its own category. Can you imagine someone wrapping up your affairs without access to your digital life?

Document apps you use that contain personal information, where you keep digital notes, ensure your devices are backed up